Seeking The Right Amendable Path (STRAP)

A 6-month program designed to rescue and inspire at-risk youths in Gwinnett county.

What is STRAP?

The STRAP program is a six month program designed to build character, teach responsibility, leadership and integrity, knowledge, and empowerment through teaching life lessons to Gwinnett’s at-risk and troubled youth.

The program is designed to equip each student with the tools needed to make better decisions. This program gives the courts another alternative to incarceration.

What to Expect?

Students will attend group every Saturday during the program. Curriculum includes a broad range of lessons/activities intended to educate, equip, and inspire youths to become the best possible versions of themselves.

In past years, students have learned skills such as:

  • Banking, budgeting, & investing
  • Building healthy relationships
  • College/Career Preparation
  • Coping with emotions positively

Students graduated

Since it’s foundation in 2011, STRAP has had over 850 students graduate from the program. This accounts to roughly 100 children per year that we are able to divert from the prison system.

Many of our graduates have moved on to become college students, business owners, skilled tradesmen. 

Become a Volunteer

STRAP is 100% volunteer run. From lesson planning, guest speaking, and even cleaning; our amazing volunteers are hard at work to keep STRAP running. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form below. We will reach out once your application has been reviewed.

Volunteer application

Please consider donating

STRAP is entirely funded by donations from people just like you. If you believe in our mission, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

We operate on a tight budget, so as to further the power of your donation. You would be surprised at how much of an impact your dollar can make.

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